Proluxe Sikkens

Stain Finishes by Sikkens ProLuxe

Industry-Leading Wood Coating

Ensure that your doors, windows, sidings, and decks stay beautiful for the years to come. Visit Color Your World, Plaza Home Decorating Centre for outstanding wood stains and finishes. Our selection of Sikkens ProLuxe products is available to customers in Sault Ste. Marie, ON and the surrounding areas.

About Sikkens

For more than 200 years, Sikkens has stood as one of the most reliable wood coating companies in the country. The company’s success is based on a passion for wood and dedication to creating perfect coating solutions.

The core values of Sikkens are tradition and competence, service and partnership, and innovation and quality. By staying true to these principles, Sikkens has become Canada’s leading brand in exterior wood coatings.

Wide Variety of Finishes

Our Sikkens ProLuxe interior finishes offer protection while accentuating the wood’s distinct features. We also have exterior finishes that provide long-lasting protection against the harsh elements.

Superb Color Options

Our Sikkens ProLuxe products are available in different colors. We have translucent coatings that bring out the wood’s natural beauty. In addition, we offer solid colors that complement your home’s palette.

For more details about Sikkens ProLuxe, call us at 705-942-2700. We are happy to provide additional information about their excellent wood coatings.